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Vortex Prospecting™

It’s a noisy world. Messages bombard us. The inbox is full. Buyers don’t think they need your products or services.

Given this reality, it’s hard for your sales reps to start conversations and nail down meetings with prospects. How do you maximize their success in getting those meetings? The answer: Vortex Prospecting™ from ValueSelling Associates.

Vortex Prospecting™ from ValueSelling Associates is a repeatable, cadence-based approach that works for all sales reps whether account-based, market-based, geography-based or tele-sales. You gain tremendous insight by capturing metrics that can be managed for long-term success.

“We made more calls in this class than in the past two weeks.”

National Sales Manager,
Global Technology Company

Participants develop the skills to:

  • Capture attention in the first 10 seconds
  • Write compelling scripts for all types of interactions
  • Use anxiety, influence and motivation in your messaging to create interest
  • Leverage technology to improve productivity
  • Handle objections and employ value-added interruptions
  • Create a weekly cadence plan that works

Help your team close the execution gap, get more meetings and fill the pipeline with Vortex Prospecting™ from ValueSelling Associates.