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Installing the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers

Realize the Results

As a manager, you play a key role in driving adoption of the ValueSelling Framework®. Shaping and participating in sales training. Inspecting and measuring progress. Coaching individuals to meet quota.

Now that the initial ValueSelling Framework® workshop is done, it's time to see change happen. Team members transformed from pitching to engaging. Habits built. Results gained. One step at a time. Manager-driven reinforcement is where the rubber hits the road.

Installing ValueSelling Framework® for Managers is the perfect way to blend ValueSelling concepts into your organization and existing sales processes.

Skills You'll Gain: 

  • Integrating the ValueSelling Framework® into the management process
  • Best practices for coaching and tools to use as you provide feedback to sales reps 
  • Creating a tailored and manageable daily, weekly, monthly, yearly implementation plan 
  • Aligning with business metrics and measuring the right things to show a return on investment 

implementation VSF for Managers



This is an ideal one-day workshop, particularly if you are a client and:

  • You've just finished implementing the ValueSelling Framework® workshop with your team
  • You've implemented the ValueSelling Framework®, and you're new to your role as a sales manager
  • You attended this workshop long ago, and you want a refresh with this updated program

Attend Installing the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers and maximize the return on investment in yourself and your team. 

VSF for Managers