How to Master the Art of Revenue Enablement

Picture this: your sales team is a high-energy dance crew, where each member's move is in perfect harmony, and each of them executes their steps with careful, rhythmic precision.

The result?

An impressive routine that makes the audience burst into applause.

This is the fine art of revenue enablement at play.

In the business world, where the beat is constantly changing and the tempo of the competition is accelerating, revenue enablement is the choreography that can make or break your sales performance.

All companies know how important it is. However, when it comes to HOW to put it into action, things don't look so bright.

It's lucky, then, that Andrea Abbate, VP of Global Enablement at Contentsquare, decided to share a couple of her secrets on how to unlock the full potential of revenue enablement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Revenue Enablement

Step 1: Understand the Core of Revenue Enablement

Before we dive into strategy, you must understand what revenue enablement truly is.

As Andrea articulates, revenue enablement is a strategic service that equips revenue teams with the necessary training, tools, content, and approaches to enhance revenue creation effectively.

Think of it as providing your sales team not just with a script but with an entire production team to ensure they perform to a standing ovation every night.

This includes cultivating knowledge, sharpening skills, and shaping behaviors essential to the sales process.

Step 2: Equipt like a Professional

Revenue enablement isn't about handing out tools to the revenue team and hoping for the best. After all, even Luke Skywalker needed some training in the force before saving the galaxy.

Enablement is about offering a curated set of resources designed for success. Think of it as a strategic coach for a sports team or a master recipe developer for a food company.

Just as Andrea states, “We help salespeople make more money. If you want the back of the envelope on a headline, we help sales sell better. We help revenue teams make more revenue”.

So, your job is to explore and replicate the best practices of top performers, turning exceptional sales techniques into a standard across your team.

Step 3: Apply Sales Techniques for Strategic Stakeholder Management

External customer success is essential to enablement. However, it's just half of the recipe, as you must also consider internal stakeholders.

Instead of simply training on request, engage them in a discovery process to reveal their true needs, much like a sales negotiation.

The best part?

This will solidify your role as an important strategic partner.

Step 4: Master the Discovery Processes

In tough economic times, discovery becomes your golden ticket to success.

Adopt the "slow down to speed up" approach and focus on three critical questions: What needs to change and why? What's in the way? How can we initiate the change?

The result?

You will master the art of mapping the customer's needs and challenges, aligning the sales strategy with the customer's objectives and language.

Step 5: Embrace the Role of Choice Architect

Salespeople, look out. You're not only gatekeepers of your product but also architects of choice.

As Andrea puts it, “A salesperson is actually a choice architect. It is the art of getting someone to act in the way you want to get to the outcome that, hopefully, is a win-win that you're both looking for but certainly that you, as a salesperson, are looking for”.

Embrace this role by guiding customers through their decision-making, leading to win-win scenarios for both parties.

Going back to what we said at the beginning, revenue enablement is a dance that requires a lot of practice, flair, and a partner like Andrea Abbate. However, as you apply these steps, remember that this job is about helping people improve.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of revenue enablement in driving sales growth, check out the full list of episodes at The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you enjoy the show, instructions to rate and review it are found here.

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