How to Leverage ABM and RevOps for B2B Success and Revenue Generation

In the fast-paced world of B2B interactions, adapting to emerging methodologies is not just a trend; it's a necessity. As industries evolve, so do the strategies that drive success. 

In B2B interaction, standing out from the noise and forging meaningful connections with the right customers can feel like a lot. But what if there was a formula, a secret blend of ingredients that could transform fleeting contacts into loyal clients and drive significant revenue growth?

Lorena Morales, Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL, shed light on the impactful intersection of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Revenue Operations (RevOps). Let's explore how these strategies can be harnessed for success in the dynamic landscape of B2B interactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Leveraging ABM and RevOps for B2B Success and Revenue Generation

1. Embracing the Mindset of RevOps

Revenue Operations, as Lorena puts it, is more than a strategy; it's a mindset that adapts to the unique nature of each company. Unlike established best practices, RevOps is a relatively new methodology that thrives on customization. According to Lorena, "Everyone is going to take revenue operations as they could and with the resources they currently have." This adaptability allows companies to mold RevOps to their structures, with departments like digital marketing playing a pivotal role.

"Revenue operations is ultimately a mindset that you apply and that it becomes a function in a company."

2. Crafting Targeted Approaches with Account-Based Marketing 

ABM differs from the traditional method of reaching out broadly; instead, it concentrates on precisely tailoring strategies based on the needs and pain points of individual accounts. As Lorena says,

"ABM is a strategy that has a highly targeted approach. Instead of casting with a wide net, you have to be very specific on the accounts you're going for and why you're going after those." This approach involves collaboration with sales and customer success, transforming ABM from a marketing campaign into a powerful revenue intelligence tool.

3. Data-Driven Decision-Making through RevOps-Infused ABM

In companies with complex structures and various services, practical data is crucial for success. RevOps, with its holistic view of the revenue cycle, fine-tunes ABM processes for maximum impact. It streamlines workflows, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing redundancies. This operational overdrive not only enhances campaign execution but also fuels strategic decision-making. Tying every activity, from campaigns to field marketing to revenue is paramount. Lorena emphasizes the importance of having insightful account planning documentation, stating that "the most useful thing that you're going to have when starting your efforts in account-based is the insights of an account planning document.

"In a company of this size, the first priority is ensuring actionable data, given the sheer magnitude of our data. My team focuses on tying every activity to revenue to effectively utilize the data."

4. Using AI to Elevate Precision and Predictability in ABM and RevOps Strategies

In the realm of ABM and RevOps, the integration of AI functions as a catalyst for heightened precision and predictability in B2B businesses. AI is a game-changer when used judiciously. AI helps in tasks like lead scoring, content recommendations, and personalization. However, caution is advised not to let AI replace the human touch in content creation. Lorena notes that AI has forever changed personalization, allowing companies to tailor content not just to industries but to individual contacts. 

"Personalization is a challenge for us because, in a Matrix company like ours, the turnaround for campaigns can be slow. Producing content, especially research documentation at JLL, takes time. However, with AI, we are seeing the potential to personalize not just at the industry level but down to the contact level. This is a capability many tools attempted in the past, but now, with advancements in AI, it can be done comprehensively."

In B2B interactions, success lies in understanding your company's unique needs, aligning them with a targeted approach, utilizing data effectively, and leveraging AI tools wisely. As Lorena wisely suggests, "go with your flow and go with what makes sense for you at the time." A productive relationship is achieved as ABM and RevOps converge. The tailored engagements from ABM seamlessly integrate with RevOps strategies, forming a unified force. The intersection becomes a dynamic space where the precision of ABM aligns with the efficiency of RevOps, creating a harmonious journey for both marketers and revenue teams.

Now that you have learned how to leverage ABM and RevOps for b2b success and revenue generation, check out the full list of episodes at The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you enjoy the show, instructions to rate and review it are found here.

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