How to Create Personalization and Authenticity in Sales Communication

Look, there's nothing wrong with platforms like LinkedIn.

However, when it comes to sales pitches, we just got tired of them.

Guess you're familiar with the same uninspired, bland messages you get every day.

Clients stop checking their inboxes because of how annoying they've become.

Nevertheless, some manage to break through the noise and genuinely connect.

And today, we're diving into the art of sales communication with George Storm, a real maestro in the realm of sales and personal branding.

As CEO of Break the Box and Co-Founder of Skills, George brings over two decades of expertise to the table.

So, let's unlock his secrets to standing out and making authentic connections that sell.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Personalize Your Sales Communication

1. Understand the Modern Sales Communication Landscape

The first step is acknowledging the elephant in the room: decreasing attention spans.

Today's digital age has us all competing for a moment of our prospects' time.

That's where curiosity, personalization, and authenticity come into play.

Forget the John Doe approach; it's time for messages that captivate and resonate with your clients.

“Sales is a numbers game. If I hit enough people, we will get results. So I advocate that people keep their personality and even expand on it when they communicate and make real actual connections regardless of what you sell or what you promote. If it's a good fit and your proposition is correct, it will work out.”

2. Different Generations, Different Research Strategies

Who is your target audience?

If you can answer that question, then you have to learn how to connect with them.


Study their unique preferences by targeting distinct content for specific people.

Moreover, use feedback and reviews to shape your approach.

The key is to understand generational and regional differences in communication and adapt accordingly.

3. Train Your Teams for Success

Transitioning from physical to virtual training requires a personalized learning experience where clear expectations and actionable information are the cornerstones to success.

However, George highlights the need to be mindful of content, personalization, delivery, and approach to cater to different learning styles.

So, keep in mind to design your training programs that are adaptable and personalized to the trainee's needs.

4. Craft a Stand-Out Personal Brand

What does personal brand have to do with sales? Isn't this a marketing thing?

Not quite.

You see, in a world where generic communication has become the norm, your personal brand can be your strongest asset.

People remember how your brand makes them feel.

However, you must build an authentic, transparent, empathetic, and engaging personal brand.

Identify and use the approach that resonates with your prospects to create genuine interest that can lead to conversion.

5. Be Authentic Even in an AI-Dominated World

There's no way we're getting over the AI mania soon.

Actually, we believe it's here to stay forever.

With AI-generated content flooding the market, emotional intelligence in sales has never been more important.

George warns against the pitfalls of AI, which can lead to "poorly personalized messages at scale."

His advice? "As we outsource our brand and communication to AI, the need to invest in genuine personal branding becomes crucial. Those who do will stand out in a sea of homogeneity."

So, be wary of over-relying on AI and focus on authentic, human-centered communication.

In the end, standing out in sales comes down to how well you connect with your audience.

George's insights remind us that while technology and AI have their place, the human element remains irreplaceable.

Personalization, emotional intelligence, and authenticity are more than simple buzzwords; they're the keystones of successful sales communication.

Remember to keep your approach personal, genuine, and adaptable.

After all, in the words of George himself, "If it's a good fit and your proposition is correct, it will work out."

Now that you know about personalization and authenticity in sales communication, check out the full list of episodes at The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you enjoy the show, instructions to rate and review it are found here.

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