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Our Story

ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results. Since 1991, ValueSelling Associates has helped thousands of B2B professionals increase their sales productivity.

FORTUNE 1000, mid-sized and start-up companies turn to the experts at ValueSelling Associates for sales strategies that yield immediate impact and sustainable results.


The ValueSelling Framework® is a conversational, question-based sales methodology that is easy to understand and use daily without having to unlearn or change everything you currently do.

It Works

Because it's simple, people use the ValueSelling Framework® to accelerate growth, win more deals and increase revenue. You'll realize measurable results almost immediately.


What if you could impress the leadership team, board and investors by hitting your numbers consistently? What if you could align your entire organization around customer value? With the ValueSelling Framework®, you can.

Expertly Delivered

Each ValueSelling Associate has a proven track record in complex B2B sales and sales management. They expertly deliver the ValueSelling Framework® daily and share how to apply it to increase your team's productivity.

Tailored to Your Team

Based on your team's requirements, we develop a program tailored exclusively for your organization, your industry and your target clients. Workshops are action-packed with activities, making the concepts and skills fun and easy to remember.

For the Entire Organization

The ValueSelling Framework® helps your organization focus on customer value. It's applicable to cross-functional roles throughout the organization, such as marketing, product management, services, customer success and renewals.