Success Metrics


Generating revenue is the goal of all sales organizations. In order to do that, your team needs the right tools, skills and processes to succeed. ValueSelling Associates has maintained its position as a leader in the industry for nearly 20 years by continually evolving to meet the new challenges sales forces face.

Our clients measure the impact of ValueSelling on their sales productivity metrics. ValueSelling has proven to provide measurable and real value to our clients. Those metrics include:

  • Increased opportunity size by cross selling additional products
  • Increased opportunity size by reducing the average discount rate
  • Increased win rate in competitive situations

We had one client who implemented the ValueSelling Framework® for their Inside Sales organization. At the time they installed ValueSelling, their average order was approximately $5,000.00. In just 60 days after the ValueSelling implementation, they saw their average order size increase to $18,000.00!

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