Embed the ValueSelling Framework® into your existing CRM and daily sales process

There is simply no better way to manage your opportunities than to enable the ValueSelling Framework® in the application where your sales reps already spend time managing and tracking their opportunities, accounts, and contacts.

The eValuePrompter® 6.4 is a cloud-based tool that integrates with any salesforce automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM) system to:

  • Move opportunities forward. See where each deal is in the pipeline and what needs to be done to close them.
  • Improve adoption. Track who uses the methodology and the difference it makes in how your sales team delivers.
  • Measure performance. Maximize the return on your sales training and SFA/CRM investment.

Increase Sales Productivity

Integrated into daily sales activity, the eValuePrompter makes it faster to:

  • Prepare for calls
  • Capture critical information before, during and after calls
  • Qualify prospects
  • Generate Mutual Plan Letters
  • Close opportunities

The eValuePrompter gives your team an easier way to qualify prospects, manage the details of opportunities, accurately forecast and close more deals.

Rely on the eValuePrompter as:

  • Bridgebetween sales and marketing– Populate the eValuePrompter with the most recent, go-to-market information and insight
  • Online playbook– Empower your team to qualify prospects, conduct team selling, and executive a consistent sales process, more efficiently
  • Just-in-time coaching– Access “Helpful Hints” and “What Do I Do” fields throughout every aspect of the sales cycle

Use the eValuePrompter to drive adoption and measure the difference the ValueSelling Framework makes to your top and bottom line. Learn how you can incorporate the eValuePrompter into your CRM or SFA and achieve these types of results:

  • Sales reps, managers and account teams trained on the ValueSelling Framework realized an average of65% increase in deal size, 9 months post-training.
  • Assessing effectiveness, deals over $100K that used the eValuePromptergrew 130% to 175%those that did not.