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The seasoned sales and marketing leader is an ace at in-depth research and analyses to broaden pipelines and increase conversion rates



By Gigi Seimears on February 06, 2018


Leveraging decades of technology sales and consulting success to help transform sales teams


By VSA on January 20, 2018

On Value: Making the Case for Being Worth It

As 2017 came to an end, there were a few key purchasing decisions I was considering. The time had come for our firm to upgrade our infrastructure...

By ValueSelling Associate on January 01, 2018

Power Up for Your Best Year Yet!

For most of us working in a sales role, the end-of-year is a crazy time. We’re busy closing the quarter, and often, the fiscal year. The pressure...

By ValueSelling Associate on December 04, 2017

ValueSelling’s Lorin Yeater Wins Stevie® Award for Executive Speak™ Program

Unique eLearning Program Named One of the Best New Business Products of the Year


By Gigi Seimears on November 20, 2017

4 Strategies for Getting in the Door

Most of us look to the new year with renewed energy and high hopes. There are new opportunities to pursue and new accounts to approach. But, how...

By Julie Thomas on November 16, 2017

The Art of Asking Insightful Questions

You have the meeting.  You have been trying to schedule it for a long time.  It is with a high-level executive in a key prospect account.  This is...

By ValueSelling Associate on November 07, 2017

Getting to Yes: When No Means Not Yet

Instead of feeling dread, sales executives can welcome objections and actually look forward to the next “no.” In many cases, an objection means...

By Julie Thomas on October 18, 2017

ValueSelling Associates Offers Vortex Prospecting™ Public Workshop in Denver

Unprecedented Local Opportunity to Scale-up Prospecting Efforts for Long-term Success

By Gigi Seimears on October 10, 2017

ValueSelling Associates Advances Sales Conversations with Vortex Prospecting™

Unique Approach Helps Sales Teams Scale Up Prospecting Efforts for Long-term Success

By Gigi Seimears on October 10, 2017

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