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March 20, 2015

ValueSelling Associates Onboards New Client in Europe

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA - March 20th, 2015 – ValueSelling Associates is proud to announce Kamstrup as their newest European client. The custom programme will be delivered to more than 200 sales, marketing and product management staff from 25 countries across the globe.

In a bid to drive service excellence and continued growth of sales revenues, Kamstrup selected PJ Nisbet, the ValueSelling Managing Partner for EMEA, and Jens Lind-Winther, the ValueSelling Associates Managing Partner for Scandinavia, to begin the training at their Head Office in Skanderborg, Denmark earlier this month.

Kamstrup serves energy companies, utilities and the submetering business around the world with innovative metering solutions for electricity, heat, cooling and water.

They provide their clients with long-term stable technology that enables simple and cost effective metering, collection and management of energy and water consumption data. They are a global player with representation in more than 60 countries, consisting of a highly skilled workforce of researchers and developers and a fully automated production plant.

Jesper Daugaard, the Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Kamstrup said: “Customer value is the common language across market and segments that makes intelligent metering solutions so much more attractive to acquire than the traditional mechanical solution. With the ValueSelling Framework®, we have found a pragmatic concept that puts the customer at the centre and helps him to uncover the value of new technology. Training our sales organization in this methodology will enable us to have a qualified dialogue, deliver more progress to others and document value delivered in future case stories.”

ValueSelling Associates has helped several FORTUNE 1000 sales organizations around the world and boasts an impressive client list including companies like VMware, Google, Oracle, Toshiba, and now, Kamstrup.

Following successful implementation, Kamstrup will be featured in upcoming success stories on the ValueSelling Associates website.


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