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March 14, 2017

ValueSelling Announces New Partnership in Italy

Auxiell’s Alessandro Faorlin and Riccardo Pavanato bring a pragmatic approach to drive effective sales results


Rancho Santa Fe, CA (March 15, 2017) – ValueSelling Associates, Inc., the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, expands its presence in Italy through a partnership with the Italian consultancy auxiell and its sales coaching executives Alessandro Faorlin and Riccardo Pavanato. Both are Lean Management champions who began professional careers in the technology sector.

Faorlin founded his first company at age 20 while working in the technology sector. He then held numerous management positions at Italian manufacturing leader Irsap-Rhoss. He has devoted the past decade to implementing Lean Transformation projects for manufacturers, producers, logistics companies and healthcare organizations. He currently is the account relationship leader at the Italian consultancy auxiell.

A partner and CEO of auxiell, Pavanato also had an unconventional sales career with a degree in engineering and certification as an industrial engineer. He has successfully sold millions of euros for B2B services and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

“We’re excited to partner with auxiell and work with both Alessandro and Riccardo. Their mastery of Lean principals that are a natural fit with our proven methodology to improve customer service and increase sales in Italy, as well as Mexico City, where they can deliver our training solutions in Spanish,” said Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates.


alessandro faorlin

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