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July 22, 2013

Selling Power Features ValueSelling Associates on 2013 Top 20 List

San Diego, CA - July 23, 2013 — Today ValueSelling Associates, Inc. announced that it has been included on the 2013 Top 20 Training Companies list published by Selling Power magazine. The list appears in the Summer (July/Aug/Sept) issue of Selling Power, which will be mailed to subscribers in the second week of August.

The following points were just two of the considerations that influenced the selection process for the 2013 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list.

1) Research by CEB has shown that up to 57 percent of B2B buying steps are completed before buyers connect with a salesperson. According to Selling Power editors, many B2B companies are still working to adapt their sales process to meet the expectations of the newly empowered customer.

2) Increased commoditization in many industries has left many sales teams to compete on price alone. In such an environment, Selling Power believes that sales training can be a vital differentiating factor in helping salespeople shift the dynamic and move the customer’s focus to value, rather than price.

“When a company has adopted an excellent sales training program, the proof is the reaction of the customer,” says Selling Power founder and CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner. “Good sales training actually enhances the buying experience for the customer. A high-quality sales training initiative is one of the best investments a sales leader can make to become more successful and more competitive in any market.”

The best sales-training companies share the following characteristics.

  • Provide a consultative experience.
  • Quantify results with metrics.
  • Offer customization and post-training support.
  • Have a documented track record of ROI.

The five criteria used for selection on the list were:

1) depth and breadth of training offered,

2) innovative offerings (specific training courses or methodology) or delivery methods,

3) international capabilities,

4) ability to customize offerings, and

5) strength of client satisfaction.

Selling Power editors say the firms included on the 2013 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list have “demonstrated an excellent awareness of the skills and tools required in order to succeed and remain competitive in today’s selling environment.” For more information or to order a copy of the Summer issue, visit or call Selling Power headquarters at (540) 752-7000.

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