Rick McAninch


Rick McAninch

Rick McAninch, a founding associate of ValueSelling Associates, specializes in working with companies that are facing challenges created by the changing economy, acquisitions, competition and a host of other sales management complexities. Rick has consulted with leading companies worldwide, including Blackbaud Inc., LexisNexis, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and a host of other technology, service, healthcare and financial organizations.

“Rick, specifically, made a big difference. We consistently get feedback from people who have done many different types of sales training. The professionalism and approach of Rick and the associates he brought in, is what made it click.”

Robbie Traube,
VP, Strategic & Vertical Accounts, NA, Adobe

“We consistently get a strong and positive sense of engagement from our team. I’ve taken 15 years of sales training. But Rick’s dedication and deep understanding of the intricacies of our business is unsurpassed. Making the sales methodology more applicable is what drives our excitement for ValueSelling training.”

Justin Hartanov,
EVP, Client and Business Development, Market Track

“Rick lives by the ValueSelling Framework. He handles the business with the same process he teaches. He’s great at establishing a conversational flow and builds trust with people. We’ve put hundreds of people through his workshops. He creates an environment that is very conducive to learning.”

Mike Greaney,
CEO, Force 3