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PJ Nisbet
ValueSelling Associate
PJ has been in sales for over 25 years, starting his career as a management trainee with Shell Oil and progressing to Sales Manager by the age of 30.

He then went on to join his family business (an agricultural equipment manufacturing and parts wholesaler) which over the next ten years he built into one of the top non listed companies in South Africa. Thereafter he worked for one of the leading agricultural parts wholesalers in Europe as a Group Director with operational responsibility for the UK, USA and South African markets.

With an academic background in Organisational Behaviour from Reading University, PJ brings a rare combination of business leadership, sales expertise and people development to his clients.

He works with a wide variety of industries and companies including Adobe, Autodesk, Deloitte, Legal & General, NCR,T-Systems, SERCO and VMware, having personally trained over 1000 sales people in the last year alone.

PJ is a seasoned international business traveler and having worked around the world, he has a good understanding of cultural backgrounds and languages, that makes him easily accepted on all continents.

He is currently the Managing Partner for ValueSelling in EMEA and works extensively to train and develop new ValueSelling Associates in the region.