Mark Evans
ValueSelling Associate
Mark Evans brings over 20 years of executive level experience leading sales organizations—direct, indirect and channel—for Fortune 500 firms, both nationally and internationally. A visionary sales leader, Mark excels at building talent by giving people the right level of support, the right systems and tools, the right incentives, and the right accountabilities. He has had direct success creating organizational talent development with the ValueSelling Framework®, which provides a common language and business approach to client engagement and opportunity management, that led to increasing revenue and lasting customer satisfaction.

Mark specializes in effective sales leadership and revenue growth strategies. His career spans industries and product categories including capital equipment, consumer goods, durables, plastics, aftermarket, technology solutions, and consultative business services. Most recent to joining ValueSelling as a Managing Partner, Mark was Head of the North American Field Sales & Training for Meritor, Inc., a $3.85B Fortune 500 global manufacturer, and Senior Vice President of Sales for Milacron, a $1.2B global manufacturer. In both leadership positions despite flat markets, he implemented the ValueSelling Framework®, realizing 2X growth in top line revenue and significant improvements to bottom line contributions.

Mark developed a deep appreciation of the ValueSelling methodology after successfully completing full-scale corporate implementations and witnessing its meaningful and lasting impact. His teams embraced it immediately. By adopting ValueSelling, they qualified and advanced deals faster, sharpened their selling and marketing approach, and became more successful, both professionally and personally.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Mark is also a lifelong learner at the Center for Creative Leadership and The Wharton School of Business. He is an avid golfer, and true to his dedication on and off the course, Mark tees up sales teams to play and stay at the “next level.”