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Jens Lind-Winther
ValueSelling Associate
Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jens Lind-Winther guides ambitious Scandinavian based business to business companies in the application and use of ValueSelling tools and methodology to execute on aggressive growth targets.

Building on his 20 years of successful sales and business development experience Jens connects training to the context of participants in his workshops with great energy.

His clients highlights the simplicity and customer focused approach of the ValueSelling Framework® as major reasons for their fast adoption and measurable results. Most of his clients integrates ValueSelling tools and processes across business units and departments. Clients say:

“The ValueSelling Framework is a business development tool. With it, you know how to ask good questions, how to uncover customer needs and how to feed those insights into product development. We use these customer insights to improve our sales process, onboarding process, and add new functionality and features. Being user-driven fuels great ideas and supports our vision for the future mobile shopping malls we are building” Simon Staack, Co-founder, Emplate

“Jens led a really exciting workshop. It was important to have everyone sitting in the same room together, all agreeing that this customer-centric method was the way forward. With a common language, we were sharing knowledge between departments and developing new processes right there in the workshop.” Bo Sannung, COO; Agillic

What motivates Jens is to see his clients succeed and enabling them to pursue even more ambitious goals.

Before joining ValueSelling Associates Jens worked for Gartner, Inc., where he was responsible for business in the Nordics with strategic technology and service providers providing insight, knowledge, and advice related to go-to-market strategy, value propositions, offering portfolios, sales enablement, and deal reviews delivered to C-level and senior sales, product and marketing management.