David Shatz
ValueSelling Associates
With more than 20 years of sales experience, David consistently exceeds revenue targets by leveraging the ValueSelling Framework®. His passion and success for ValueSelling empowers his clients to achieve their revenue targets, become trusted business advisors, and uniquely differentiate their products and solutions in a crowded market.

David’s first introduction to ValueSelling was at Blackbaud in the late-1990s as an individual contributor. This experience led to sales leadership roles at Papilia, eThority and SPARC, LLC, eventually leading to the founding of Xoomlane, Inc., where he implemented the ValueSelling Framework® program and tools.

As a Senior Director of Sales at SPARC, LLC, David oversaw and managed all commercial product sales and services, increasing top-line revenue from zero to over $3.5 million. He’s secured and worked with notable clients such as Citrix Systems, Wyndham Worldwide, and Dow Jones.

His combined consulting and training philosophy focuses on the revenue generation funnel for clients to prepare teams to compete on value, not price. In his current role as a Managing Partner with ValueSelling Associates, David leverages the ValueSelling Framework® to achieve predictable and forecastable revenue results for his sales teams and clients.

David lives in Charleston, SC, with his wife and two children and holds an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.

To gain sales revenue insights, listen and subscribe to the podcast: The B2B Executive Experience.