Live Webinar Jan 27th at 10AM PT


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What, exactly, are the behaviors that sales professionals need in a virtual world?

To find out, we partnered with Training Industry to survey 464 sales leaders and sales training decision-makers. The results revealed the most impactful habits — and the glaring gap between those desired behaviors and sales metrics.

Join us on January 27th at 10 AM PT as VP of Direct Sales and Partner Success Julie Bregen shares the results and a playbook that sales leaders can use to up-skill the virtual-selling skills of the entire sales org.

Join us on Jan 27th at 10AM PT

What you’ll learn:

  • Best Practices In Virtual Selling Environments
  • The Top Selling Behaviors At Each Stage of the Buying Cycle
  • What Gets Measured and How
  • The Gap Between Desired Behaviors And Sales Metrics

Who should attend:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Managers and Reps in All Roles (BDRs, SDRs, AEs)
  • Sales Enablement Leaders