Live Webinar Jan 20th at 10AM PT


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What, exactly, are the behaviors that sales professionals need in a virtual world?

To find out, we partnered with Training Industry to survey 464 sales leaders and sales training decision-makers. The results revealed the most impactful habits — and the glaring gap between those desired behaviors and sales metrics.

Join us on January 20th at 10 AM PT as President and CEO Julie Thomas shares the results and a playbook that sales leaders can use to up-skill the virtual-selling skills of the entire sales org.

Join us on Jan 20th at 10AM PT

What you’ll learn:

  • Best Practices In Virtual Selling Environments
  • The Top Selling Behaviors At Each Stage of the Buying Cycle
  • What Gets Measured and How
  • The Gap Between Desired Behaviors And Sales Metrics

Who should attend:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Managers and Reps in All Roles (BDRs, SDRs, AEs)
  • Sales Enablement Leaders