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The Problem with Only Finding the Problem


Almost every salesperson I speak with tells me the key to selling is finding the prospect's problem or pain point. After all, without a problem, why would anyone need a solution?

This is true. However, is finding the problem enough to sell your solution? Not always. Let me explain.

Try as we might to prove otherwise, not all problems are worth solving - nor are they equal in importance. This means sales reps must find those problems that are important and that do get the time, funding, and attention from the executive suite of a targeted organization. Those will be problems that directly and clearly impact the business.

Given that not all problems are worth solving - and not all problems are equally important for a prospect to address - we have found these best practices for determining if your prospect's problems matter. Read the full SellingPower article, 'The Problem with Only Finding the Problem' written by Julie Thomas. Click here to read the full article now!