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Highspot Sales Acceleration Partners Fill a Growing Need for Sales Enablement Expertise

We all know that dynamics between buyers and sellers have changed and continue to evolve faster than the time it takes a hot prospect to turn cold.

As power shifts increasingly to the buyer, sales organizations must transform — or get outmaneuvered by competitors. Buyer demands make it more difficult to engage, connect, and close deals, especially as these buyers become educated earlier in their journey. The 2019 State of Sales Enablement report found that more than half of the respondents noticed today’s buyers conducting more research prior to engaging sales than ever before.

The antidote is great technology that puts the right content at the seller’s fingertips at the right time. But this still leaves a major wildcard — the quality of the content itself. While Highspot can help pinpoint content that’s working or not with analytics, the content’s quality must be addressed with deep expertise.

Click here to read the full blog (originally posted on the Highspot Blog) to learn why Highspot is excited to announce the introduction of Highspot Sales Acceleration Partners. A set of companies made it in the initial program, one of which is ValueSelling Associates, Inc.!


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