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We Asked 9 Sales Experts About How Millennials Are Transforming Sales

Read the latest LinkedIn Sales Blog, featuring Julie Thomas and other sales experts, to gain insight into how millennials are transforming the sales process.

As the ranks of buyers and sellers are increasingly made up of Millennials, this age group is transforming the buying and selling process. That’s a key conclusion of the most recent LinkedIn State of Sales report, a global survey of thousands of salespeople and decision makers.

The U.S. version of the State of Sales Report found that Millennials (ages 21-38) tend to be earlier adopters of new technologies and strategies. While sales professionals across generations plan to spend more time using sales technologies, Millennials were the most likely to be early adopters at 62 percent, compared to 56 percent of both Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Read more here on the LinkedIn Sales Blog.

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