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ValueSelling@Work® Video Reinforcement

How do you make training stick?

Everyone knows the hardest thing to do is to change old habits and adopt new best practices. After investing in ValueSelling training, how do you make sure they actually do what they learned? We have a solution - ValueSelling@Work® video reinforcement. It's the bridge between the classroom and your next sales call. 

ValueSelling@Work Video Program

The ValueSelling@Work video reinforcement program helps your sales force build skills, gain confidence and achieve results directly after the classroom experience. Practicing their new skills right away leads to early successes. The high-quality, short videos provide weekly focus on a new ValueSelling principle. Each video is a valuable reminder to help retain techniques and skills learned. Action steps, key points and printable job aids are included with each video.

What’s in it for you?
  • Review 14 essential ValueSelling Framework® topics for sales reps
  • Review 14 essential ValueSelling Framework topics for sales managers
  • Download valuable tools and job aids
  • Practice what you've learned on the job

ValueSelling@Work is only available to those who have been through ValueSelling training.

ValueSelling@Work for Sales Managers: Focuses on what sales managers can do to support and promote the application of the ValueSelling Framework in the field.

Sales Manager Topics:

  • A Manager’s Role: Gaining Momentum
  • Assessing Opportunities with Your Reps
  • A Manager’s Role: Focusing on Business Issues
  • The Power of the Mutual Plan Letter
  • The Art of Preparation
  • A Manager’s Role: Advancing the Sale
  • The Power of Asking Questions
  • Role-Modeling ValueSelling: A Manager's Part
  • Success is in the Details: Driving Specificity
  • Gaining & Maintaining Control of the Sales Process
  • Triangulation of Power: Managing the Process
  • ValueSelling: The Communication Tools
  • A Manager’s Role: Applying the ValueSelling Formula
  • Sustaining Your Expertise in the ValueSelling Framework

ValueSelling@Work for Sales Reps:
Focuses on key ValueSelling Framework concepts.

Sales Rep Topics:

  • Working the Opportunity Assessment Tool™
  • The Power of the ValuePrompter
  • The Steps to Successfully Identifying Business Issues
  • The Value of the Mutual Plan Letter
  • Becoming a “Problem Expert”
  • Creating Solutions for Your Customers
  • The Skills for Creating Value by Differentiation
  • Create Personal Value During the Sales Process
  • How To Create Business Value
  • How to Identify Who has Power
  • Gaining Access to Power: How to Make It Happen
  • Visualizing the End Result at the Beginning
  • Stalled Sale? The Fine Art of Anxiety Questions
  • QPF: The Formula for Efficient Qualifications

How it works

Once a week for 14 weeks, your reps will receive an email from ValueSelling Associates with a link to a video. Your managers will receive an email with two videos; the same video their reps are receiving and one specifically for managers.

In addition to the weekly emails, reps and managers will be able to log into the Learning Management System any time to review videos.