Sell higher, sell with confidence

Make it count with a value-added conversation. Be prepared with insightful questions that make people stop, take note and engage with you.

Executive Speak develops your business acumen to think like an executive, predict potential business issues, and then correlate how your products and services impact financial metrics.

If your reps are reluctant to make the call, increase their confidence and competence to sell to executives and managers. Effective discussions create more opportunities, which generates more revenue.

“71% of sales leaders say their reps lack the ability to connect their solution to business issues”


How it works

Executive Speakbuilds off the globally proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology/ This award-winning, interactive e-learning module features the 360° Profile Builder, a unique tool that helps turn information into insights and automatically populates a ValuePrompter®.

Proper preparation is what sets high-performers apart from the pack. Executive Speak provides the roadmap for a productive and engaging conversation.

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