Live Webinar June 3rd at 09:30 CET


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Are your sales conversations stalling? Is your pipeline weak? Is your forecasting inaccurate?

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us all hard, professionally and personally. Many salespeople were required to work from home, away from customers and prospects. They had to overcome a challenging economy and tighter purchasing budgets. Salespeople, their leaders, and trainers continue to be impacted in a significant way.

In this complimentary webinar, Bart van Eijck, Associate with ValueSelling Associates, shares what top performing companies are doing to succeed, and the key differences between winners and losers.  

Join us on June 3rd at 09:30 CET

What you’ll learn:

  • What the world's top performing B2B sales organisations did differently in 2020
  • How the buyer's journey has changed and how you can adjust
  • Ways to shift your salesforce to a Digital First mindset
  • Steps to build and maintain your team's motivation in COVID times
  • How to be more effective at remote management
  • Sales enablement's critical role in supporting the shift to Digital First selling

Who should attend:

  • Head's of Commerce/VP of Sales
  • Sales Enablement/Operations/HR
  • General Managers/CEOs of mid-size organisations