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How Salespeople Can Ask the Right Questions During Discovery

I attended the Sales 3.0 Conference in Philly last week, where many of the talks had a shocking theme running through them: Discovery is dead.

How to Continually Qualify Prospects Throughout the Pipeline

Accurate and reliable forecasting will transform a sales organization. When it comes to a process as vital as this, you would assume there’s no room for guesswork — but the reality plays out..

How to Create a Multi-Channel Prospecting Cadence that Works

You’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed when you receive a request to connect from an account executive. They recently saw you speak at a sales conference, and your talk resonated with them —..

Three Ways to Create Human-to-Human Connection in a Virtual Selling Environment

Think back to the last time you shared a meal with a good friend. You likely recall the restaurant and the food, the little sensory details like the man smoking the cigar across the street or the..

Three Ways to Show Up as Your Authentic Self

How do I be me virtually?

Sure, if you’re a remote worker who has one weekly stand-up on Zoom, you may be tempted to laugh that question off. For sales professionals, it’s another story.