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Checklist to Close the Quarter & the Year

’Tis the season of the double-edged sword.On the one hand, it’s exciting to look forward to the holiday season. On the other, the end of the quarter and the year loom large, with the finish line..

Three Keys to Successful Sales Negotiations

When you hear the word negotiation, what comes to mind? It likely conjures images of your CRM, a ring light shining in your eyes, a giant cup of cold brew and a computer monitor covered in sticky..

The Value of Thinking Like an Executive

As many of you know, our headquarters is in Southern California — an area famed for its breathtaking coastline, beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and traffic, lots of it. 

Creating Anxiety Without Going Over the Edge

The pressure on Olympic athletes is staggering.

One false start can send a sprinter or hurdler home. That’s all it takes to destroy more than four years of labor and dedication — and yet, these..

O-P-C: The Framework for Asking Thoughtful Questions


verb; gerund or present participle: pitching

  1. to throw or fling roughly or casually.

"He crumpled the can and threw it into the alley."