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Are your sales people ineffective at selling?

Sales Leader

Improving sales productivity is first and foremost on the minds of sales leaders. ValueSelling Associates has identified the universal challenges that consistently prevent sales organizations from maximizing their potential.

How many of these issues negatively impact your team’s ability to succeed?

  • Do you find that each of your sales reps and sales managers have their own process and nomenclature?
  • Do you find that your forecasts are inaccurate and lacking credibility?
  • Do your sales cycles stall and do they take too long?
  • Have you ever experienced difficulty with consistently selling the entire product line?
  • Is it because your sales reps believe they must compete on cost/price?
  • Do you find that your training is ineffective and does not yield results?
  • Do you find that it takes too long to get new hires up to speed and productive?

ValueSelling Associates not only understands these issues, we’ve spent years developing a methodology that enables your organization to successfully overcome them. ValueSelling is a simple approach to connect to the criteria by which your customers will ultimately make their decisions. We offer a variety of training vehicles that deliver what you need to maximize your sales results — a powerful, simple, sustainable selling methodology that enables your team to sell effectively by solving these problems. What if:

  • Your team could consistently qualify prospects and eliminate wasted time?
  • The sales leaders in your organization could better manage the entire forecasting process?
  • You were able to ramp up new hires faster?
  • Your sales people were able to make more effective executive sales calls and ask relevant questions to create need for your solutions?
  • You could be confident that your investments in sales training actually paid off because the programs were implemented and adopted?
  • Your sales process and management process were aligned?

Between the interactive training of ValueSelling Essentials® and the proven, formula-based ValueSelling Framework®, ValueSelling Associates delivers a sustainable sales methodology that your team will want to use.

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