Indirect (Channel) Sales

Stay on top! Become an active partner with your channel sales force, and create a win-win relationship that generates maximum revenue.

valueselling indirect channel sales

Manufacturers and Service Companies

Manufacturers and service companies are increasingly turning to channel sales, partners and alliances as efficient avenues for increasing product sales. However, your channel sales force is likely selling product lines other than your own. Given channel sales partners’ broad product portfolios, how can you make your product line their first priority?

Resellers and Distributors

ValueSelling provides you with highly effective tools, skills and processes. Many of our channel partners demand ValueSelling’s ease of use and positive impact on their margins. Management likes the way our tool set helps their reps reach their goals faster and the positive affect it has on retention. What is it worth to you to reduce unintended turnover by half this year?

To achieve desired results, it’s vital to provide channel partners with differentiated training, tools and support. ValueSelling offers programs to:

  • Teach your channel sales managers the techniques and tools to promote rewarding channel sales relationships.
  • Specifically tailor ValueSelling’s skills and Framework to your individual products, thereby maximizing sales success (and the motivation to prioritize your products above others).
  • Give your channel sales managers and partners a common language and tool set, for use in situations that merit joint selling efforts.
  • Provide channel sales managers with appropriate opportunity management tools, so they can select the channels and opportunities that yield the greatest return on investment.