Direct Sales

The ValueSelling Framework® facilitates the difficult work of generating leads, creating contacts, establishing relationships and closing a direct sale. Your sales force will use:

Top Leaders

  • The ValueSelling Framework® for an overall vision and methodology on how to conduct a successful sale.
  • The Opportunity Assessment Tool to qualify prospects.
  • The Qualified Prospect Formula to scientifically assess your chances that the prospect will buy your product or services.
  • The Power Toolkit to gain access to the decision-makers in the organization.
  • The eValuePrompter® to plan sales calls and prompt the questioning process.
  • O-P-C Questioning to engage prospects, understand their business issues, and demonstrate the desire to deliver value.
  • VisionMatch and Differentiated VisionMatch to position your product or service as the best solution for the prospect’s business issue.
  • The Mutual Plan Agreement to create a timeline and accurately forecast the sale.
  • ValueSelling’s common vocabulary to efficiently communicate with the rest of the sales team.
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