"You taught a class in New York on ValueSelling a couple of years ago. I firmly believe what I learned in your class not only allowed me to be successful in my role but helped me get a great, new job. I just wanted to say thanks, and let you know what a difference ValueSelling made for me."

Brian Hodges Strategic Accounts, IT Research & Advisory Firm

"It is with sincere pleasure that I am writing to you one year since you were at our EMEA HQ in Munich. First, I want to express my profound gratitude for sharing your knowledge and expertise in ValueSelling. With the help of the ValuePrompter®, I was very confident in leading my calls and reaching my targets. Second, everyone at our company has really valued and enjoyed the two days of training that you have given us. Thank you again for the truly professional experience!"

Emil Tlyashov Business Development Consultant (Russia & Eastern Europe), SugarCrM

"The ValueSelling Framework® concepts and tools, such as the eValuePrompter®, have helped me increase deal values and reduced my close timelines. My executive conversations are all about differentiated business value and ROI instead of feature and function."

Jay W. Jackson Strategic Account Executive, Ooyala

"Your ValueSelling training has impacted my life in so many ways and I am so grateful for the amazing foundation it gave me as a sales, and now marketing, professional. I am at a startup and we're bringing Rick McAninch in later this week to run a workshop with some of our sales team. Just thought you should know what a positive impact you have made. Thank you!"

Carrie Boyer Director of Product Marketing at Zignal Labs