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The Voice of Value Newsletter
The #1 Skill for Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Clients
Like many college students, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I “grew up,” or what subject area I wanted to study as a major.  During my first semester, I registered for all the g...
By ValueSelling Associate on March 01, 2017 with 0 Comment
Why Will They Meet You? One Executive’s Perspective.
Early in the first quarter is the time to focus on building our pipelines to achieve, or even overachieve, our sales goals in 2017. This requires us to market to genera...
By ValueSelling Associate on February 03, 2017 with 0 Comment
5 Time Saving Hacks to Kick-off the New Year
In the words of Ben Franklin, “Lost time is never found again.” And wasting time, or focusing attention on non-productive activities, will severely impact your abili...
By ValueSelling Associate on January 04, 2017 with 0 Comment
5 Lessons Learned from the U.S. Presidential Election Process
Having just lived through the US election process, I began reflecting on the similarities between a political campaign and sales process. After all, the political process is essentially a long job int...
By ValueSelling Associate on December 06, 2016 with 0 Comment
“Let Us Never Negotiate Out of Fear. But Let Us Never Fear to Negotiate.” – John F. Kennedy
I am often asked by clients about best practices to avoid having to negotiate. My answer is you don’t!  Don’t avoid it and don’t fear it. World-class sales reps have a negotiation strategy and ...
By ValueSelling Associate on November 01, 2016 with 0 Comment
Collaborate with Your Prospect to Improve Forecast Accuracy
One of the hardest things to do is to figure out when your prospect will purchase. Recently I was coaching a new ValueSelling client who was discouraged that he had missed his quarterly forecast. He w...
By ValueSelling Associate on October 07, 2016 with 0 Comment
Create Anxiety and Make a Positive Difference
You’ve labored for months with a prospect who seemed interested in your services. She returned calls and replied promptly to emails. Everything was moving right along and then...nothing. Nada. Radio...
By ValueSelling Associate on September 07, 2016 with 0 Comment