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The Voice of Value Newsletter
On Value: Making the Case for Being Worth It
As 2017 came to an end, there were a few key purchasing decisions I was considering. The time had come for our firm to upgrade our infrastructure and technology platforms.  Going through the buying p...
By ValueSelling Associate on January 02, 2018
Power Up for Your Best Year Yet!
For most of us working in a sales role, the end-of-year is a crazy time. We’re busy closing the quarter, and often, the fiscal year. The pressure is huge as we make sure revenue is delivered by New ...
By ValueSelling Associate on December 05, 2017
The Art of Asking Insightful Questions
You have the meeting.  You have been trying to schedule it for a long time.  It is with a high-level executive in a key prospect account.  This is it—your shot to create an opportunity.  Now wha...
By ValueSelling Associate on November 01, 2017
How to Avoid the Agony of Defeat
Growing up, I remember watching the long-running TV series, “The Wide World of Sports.” The opening preamble was ...
By ValueSelling Associate on October 03, 2017
The 1 Skill Set Sales Professionals Must Have in a Tech-Dependent World
Technology. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no question its impact on the daily operations of sales teams has been enormous. From handheld devices to apps and cloud-based, on...
By ValueSelling Associate on September 01, 2017
Location, Location, Location: 4 Keys to Power Up Your B2B Prospecting
No one can argue that in retail and consumer sales, location is key. The right location can make or break the success of a new store or restaurant. Why? Because to attract a prospective customer, the ...
By Gigi Seimears on August 01, 2017
Successful Forecast Accuracy: A Shot in the Dark?
“A shot in the dark”: a wild guess and a hopeful attempt to do something with fingers crossed for success. It is no secret that a successful business plan is driven by solid sales and revenue p...
By Gigi Seimears on July 05, 2017
Timing is Everything: Best Practices to Engage and Leverage Your Resources
We work with many companies that employ technical or market experts in roles such as Systems Engineer (SE), Application Engineer (AE), and Product or Solution/Industry S...
By Gigi Seimears on June 01, 2017
Survival of the Fittest: Thriving in a Dynamic Sales World
I’ve been in B2B sales for over 20 years, as a sales rep, sales manager, sales leader, consultant, and trainer. With my career spanning the information-technol...
By ValueSelling Associate on May 03, 2017