eValuePrompter® SFA | CRM

Embed the ValueSelling Framework into your daily sales process

The eValuePrompter is a cloud-based tool that integrates with your salesforce automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM) system, making it easier for your sales organization to:

  • Quickly adopt sales training that works
  • Sell as a team across the organization
  • Maximize your SFA/CRM and sales training investment



Reduce prep time

Use the eValuePrompter and avoid recreating the wheel. Opportunities and Contacts are automatically updated as you fill in the 6 boxes of the eValuePrompter. See how conversations progress over time. View Helpful Hints and sample OPC Questions throughout the entire sales cycle.

The eValuePrompter makes it faster to:

  • Prepare for calls
  • Capture critical information during and after calls
  • Qualify prospects
  • Generate Mutual Plan Letters
  • Close opportunities

Drive a consistent sales process

The eValuePrompter features customizable fields, question sets and pick lists that are tailored to your sales process. There is simply no better way to track and manage your opportunities.

Improve training stickiness and promote a consistent sales process with the eValuePrompter.

eValuePrompter at a Glance

  • Access all critical opportunity data in one location
  • Automatically link business issues, problems and differentiated solutions to each prospect
  • Simplify the qualification process
  • Accurately forecast deals in the pipeline
  • Quickly generate Mutual Plan Letters
  • Facilitate real-time team collaboration
  • Keep opportunities on track

The ValueSelling Framework® Program: