eExecutive ValueSelling®

Does your sales team have the necessary business acumen to call on C-level executives?
eExecutive ValueSelling®In order to effectively sell to executives, your team needs to understand their prospect’s business and industry, the issues affecting that industry, and be comfortable with the language they use in their business.

Sales people don’t need to become financial analysts to be effective. Basic knowledge, skills, and tools to identify opportunities are enough to get started.

The eExecutive ValueSelling® online course prepares the sales executive for a business conversation with all levels of executive and managers in an organization, especially the executive decision-maker. This self-paced four hour course helps sales executives build a base of business acumen to give them the knowledge and confidence to successfully approach senior business executives and engage in a business-level conversation. The ValueSelling Framework® is introduced as the structure for planning and executing a call with a senior executive.

What’s in it for you?

  • Begin to develop confidence in conducting a business-level conversation
  • Improve business acumen and leverage your knowledge in an effective sales call
  • Move to a new level of selling by being able to apply the process for consistent access to executives


  • ValueSelling Framework® Learn the fundamental principles to motivate people to buy.
  • Corporate Organizational Structure Understand the organizational structure of a typical corporation.
  • Company Research Locate company and non-company resources for your research.
  • Industry Research Use industry resources to answer specific questions about your prospect’s company and industry.
  • Financial Research Identify specific key elements of a company’s financial information.
  • Business Vocabulary Develop a basic business vocabulary and learn to analyze financial reports.
  • Executive-level Selling Learn to sustain a business-level conversation that includes establishing a link between the analysis of your prospect’s business and the business value your products deliver.

The ValueSelling Framework® Program:
The ValueSelling Framework® Program:

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