Joe HuberValueSelling Associate

With over 35 years of sales experience, Joe brings passion for developing his client’s companies and successful sales careers. Having worked within large corporate sales forces, as well as owned and operated a number of start-up businesses, Joe is very familiar with the key business issues sales people and managers face every day. His mastery of the ValueSelling Framework® inspired him to leave the day-to-day management of his role in corporate sales management and work with sales teams to develop their people, their messaging and their overall revenue growth.


Prior to joining ValueSelling Associates, Joe was Senior Vice President of Sales for the E. C. Scott Group, a company he co-founded, and where he remains a principal. Under his leadership, Joe’s sales team took the company to over $20MM USD in sales within three years. They have continued to increase market share year over year. Before the E. C. Scott Group, Joe’s business, Longstreet Chamberlain, with offices in NYC and Shanghai, exceeded over $50MM USD in sales annually. He also assisted in starting a successful software business, as well as a sports-focused management business.


An additional passion of Joe’s is his work with the Beamer Hughes Foundation, a nonprofit benefiting those with Muscular Dystrophy, named in honor of a good friend. Joe resides with his family on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, where they enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, sailing, biking, and golfing.


Joe attended the University of South Florida and the University of Buffalo.